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The Beekeepers' Outpost 

(All Things Bees and Nature)

Open on selected weekends throughout the year.

Please see Calendar (below) for Dates and Times




Check back for specific open dates of the Outpost, as well as other activities at Bjorn Apiaries. A calendar is posted below with known dates and activities.



Location: 180 Century Lane, Pa. 17019


Offering artisan local honey and products from the hive including beeswax candles, figurines, lotions, tinctures, creams, and soaps. We also have selected bee supplies, native pollinator friendly wildflower seeds and trees, nature and environmental products, along with oddities for nature loving folks. If you love gardening, beekeeping, birds, butterflies, or handcrafted nature items, this is a place to check out.


We also book individual and group tours of the farm for scouts, church and social groups focused on beekeeping and nature related topics.

New for 2016: Observation Hive at the Beekeepers Outpost. Bring the whole family and try to find the queen. Great educational opportunity. 

Calendar of Events for 2016

 Please Note: For bulk honey sales (5lbs or more) please call 717-432-0313

Please access the calendar below for activities, classes, and happenings at Bjorn Apiaries. Thank you!



Beekeepers Outpost Products


The following list are staples we try to keep in supply. There are many other items or by seasonal availability. We encourage you to stop by and check us out.

Beekeeping Equipment

     Beginner hives

     Swarm Lures


Honey Bees

   *Pre-ordered Queens can be

    picked up during Outpost hours

    or as scheduled

    *Package and Nuc orders as

     per ordering details. Nucs

     must be pre-ordered.   



     1-2-5 pound containers &

     Gallon/Buckets available.

     *Bulk and special orders

     (weddings and special events)

      must be pre-ordered.


Wax Products

      Hand-dipped candles


      Nativity scenes

      Wax bars

      Bulk Wax


Products of the Hive




Gift Baskets


Mason Bee Supplies

      Starter nesting kits with bees

      Tubes with inserts

      * Mason bees must be

        pre-ordered prior to spring



Gardening Supplies

      Native Seeds

      Plants for beneficial pollinators



      Basswood (Linden)

      Black tupolo (Blackgum)

      *We offer trees that are native

       species and are beneficial for

       pollinators and wildlife.



Bird Feeders, Houses, Seeds, and Supplies


Educational Classes, Tours, and Beekeeping Mentoring


Educational Material/Books

Get Directions To:
180 Century Lane
Dillsburg Pa. 17019